The transverse part of the church, the transepts for the arm portions of the cross floor plan at Our Lady of the Rosary at right angles to the nave.

The Trancepts

Lancet Windows

The lancet windows in the East wall of the transepts imitating the alabaster windows of ancient Rome, were given by the Yatkin and Pazdan Families. The lancet windows in the North and South transept walls were gifts of the Counihan and Lorenzen Families. The Rose windows were donated by the Bonelli and Sokol Families.

Rose Windows

Two new rose windows will be installed during 2021 in the North and South transepts. They were donated by the Mayer Family and will complete the cycle of stained glass in the new OLR Church.

The Trinity Rose Window

This window in the north transept (to the left of the altar) portrays symbols for the Holy Trinity. GOD “is not” Father, Son or Holy Spirit. GOD “is” the source of Being and “IS” Father Son AND Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit Rose Window

The window south transept (the right side as you face the high altar) commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost with recurrent symbols of water, fire, and the descending dove.

The Holy Spirit and the Trinity

Created in God’s image, each one of us is a “Little Holy Trinity”. If we are baptized people of faith the indwelling Holy Spirit is the real, dynamic link between us and God. Thus the Holy Spirit joins us with God himself.