Inviting and welcoming worshipers to the church.

The Narthex in Context

In the early church the narthex was a special place where those who were not yet admitted to the church would gather for worship. Often the font would be located in the Narthex, and only after they had joined the church in baptism would they be admitted to the main church. Today the narthex is used a general welcoming place with rest rooms, a “quiet room” for children, and a space for announcements and news.

The Doors

In designing the new church the architect advised, “Spend your money on things people touch.” The doors are all solid wood–giving the church its solid, permanent feel.

Practical and Flexible

 The main doors have glass panels so parents with busy children can retreat to the Narthex, but still participate in Mass. The sound system transmits to the narthex so they can hear what is going on.

Beauty and Durability

Throughout the church the floors are made of stained concrete. This technology combines a durable, beautiful finish with an economical solution.

Our Lady

The image of Our Lady of Grace was originally in a prominent place in the original church. It was restored and re-painted by local artist Jim Craft.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The image of the sacred Heart of Jesus was originally in the old OLR church. It was restored by local artist Jim Craft.

The St. Vincent de Paul Shrine

This area of the Narthex provides space for an elevator to be installed for access to the choir loft. We have re-claimed it as a focus on our parish’s work with the needy. Members of our St Vincent de Paul Society operate a food pantry and we purchased a nearby property which has become “Mother Teresa House”–a referral and advice center for those in need. The statue of St. Vincent de Paul was restored by Anja Zunkeler.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul was a French priest famous for his work with the poor in 17th century France.


The St. Vincent de Paul Corner is a place for parishioners to make their monetary and food donations as they come to Mass.

The Place of Meeting

The altar servers gather in the Narthex ready for the procession at the start of Mass.