Behind the scenes is the place for storage, meeting and preparation for Mass. Here the clergy, servers, readers and sacristans gather and here the cleaners and flower arrangers and facilities crew all play their part. 

Full Participation

The directions for Catholic liturgy call for “full participation” of the faithful. The planning, and building of the new OLR was a group effort of the whole parish, and the liturgy too, involves everyone from the people in the pew to clergy, servers, readers, musicians, ushers, helpers and teachers.

Deacons Serve at the Altar and the World

The role of the deacon emphasizes the servant Christ. In the liturgy and the life of the Church the deacons remind all of us of our call to service. 


The vestments of the priest symbolize Christ’s priesthood. Each item has special significance and their beauty glorifies Christ and his church.

Fellowship of the Saints

There is usually time for some fun in the midst of the serious work of worship! That’s a biretta…a priest’s hat–not an Italian handgun!

Altar Servers

The chance to serve the altar teaches boys reverence and care in worship, and many priestly vocations are formed among altar servers. 

Every Detail Counts

They say “The devil is in the details.” The divine is also in the details. Being an altar server means helping to plan the liturgy down to the last detail so that all goes smoothly and gives utmost glory to God.