The simple wooden altar in the Lower Church was used for many years in the original Our Lady of the Rosary Church.

It was moved here and is now used for daily Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The candlesticks and tabernacle were also re-located from the old church.

Altar Rail and Gates

The altar rail and gates were installed two years after the church was dedicated. The gates were salvaged from an old church and restored and installed by the Rattigan Schottler Company.

The altar rail allows the faithful to receive communion kneeling and on the tongue–a sign of increased reverence for the sacrament and in full tradition with the Catholic Church down the ages.

The Crucifix

The crucifix above the tabernacle is in a Romanesque style, and donated by the Torres Family. This style of crucifix is especially austere and simple in keeping with the austere simplicity of the church architecture. The wooden cross on which the figure is fixed is from an oak tree on the property that was felled to make way for the new church. It was constructed by parishioner Ted Conroy.


The brass tabernacle was re-located from the old church. It is an unusual tabernacle designed to look like the old Testament tabernacle tent or the Tent of Meeting.

Lighting for Prayer

The lighting in the church was designed not simply to illuminate the church but to accent the natural light and the light through the stained glass windows. This works especially well in the Lower Church where the darkness draws one into the light of Christ focused on the altar and tabernacle.


The Lower Church is used for Eucharistic Adoration during the week. The focus of this devotion is the Altar of Repose which is used after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday.