The Church in Liturgy

The Catholic Church has weathered many storms in her 2000 year history. In 2020 the human race was hit with the COVID -19 pandemic. Worship continued at OLR but without a full congregation for a few months.

First Mass after Covid-19 Shutdown (May 17, 2020)

Worship was open to the public again in May–but with limited numbers. It was sad to see our usually packed church so bare–but rewarding to know that so many were longing to return to the worship of God.

A Church is never empty

After celebrating an early morning Mass the old priest was asked, “Were there very many there?” He replied, “Oh, millions. But I could only see three.” He meant the whole host of heaven was there. So it is that a Catholic Church is never empty. It is filled with the presence of God’s people and most of all the abiding Eucharistic presence of Christ himself.