Stations of the Cross

The mosaic stations of the cross were located in the warehouse of a church salvage company in Pennsylvania and restored and installed by the Rattigan Schottler Company.

Austere Beauty

The simple, mosaic stations in the Lower Church stand starkly against the plain wall of the ambulatory providing a reminder of the austere suffering of Jesus on his way to the hill of redemption. The Stations of the Cross are gifts of the Verranault family and Families of the OLR School.

Jesus Is Condemned to Death


Jesus Carries His Cross


Jesus Falls for the First Time

Jesus Meets His Sorrowing Mother


Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross


Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Jesus Falls the Second Time


Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem


Jesus Falls a Third Time

Jesus Is Stripped of His Clothes


Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross


Jesus Dies on the Cross

Jesus Is Is Taken Down from the Cross


Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb


Walking in the Way of the Cross

The open space of the ambulatory, which means “walkway,” provides room for small groups to walk in the way of the cross and so to “take up their cross and follow Jesus”