Lower Church

The Lower Church is used for daily Mass and is open for private prayer and meditation. It also houses our Shrine of the Divine Mercy and Columbarium.

A Simple House of Prayer

The worship at the old Our Lady of the Rosary Church was in the building which now houses our Guadalupe Hall and Upper School.  It was a simple warehouse building converted for church use. Nevertheless, over the years the people and priests furnished the church well, and when the new OLR was built, the pews and altar furnishings were installed in the Lower Church. The warm oak furnishings and fittings add a simple beauty to this extra place of worship and adoration. 

The Altar

The wooden altar and tabernacle plinth were brought from the old church keeping a sense of continuity with the worship there over the years.

Statuary and Relics

The statuary in the lower church is a blend of new statues, original commissions and restored antiques.

Stations of the Cross

The mosaic Stations of the Cross were salvaged and restored to provide simple devotional icons.

Stained Glass Windows

The five stained glass windows in the lower church were also salvaged from St. Mary, Morning Star in Pittsfield. 

Shrine of Divine Mercy

The Lower Church features the image of the Divine Mercy--a resurrection image which is suitable to be displayed in the midst of the columbarium. 

The Holy Thursday Vigil

During Holy Week the Lower Church becomes the Altar of Repose after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Here the faithful have gathered in Adoration before watching with the Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane.